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Course Description


The requirements for taking this course include:

  1. Candidate who failed the NCLEX three consecutive times
  2. Candidate who graduated nursing school but have not sit for the test within 6 six months of graduation
  3. Candidates who do not hold an active license or have not practice in the past five years.
  4. Candidates applying for license by endorsement based on having passed the NCLEX previously.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidate will satisfy Florida Board of Nursing requirements.

Our class consists of 80 hours of didactic and 96 hours of clinical.


This is a 12-16 weeks of live and Online instruction covering all the content on the NCLEX-RN. This is a comprehensive RN review that covers subjects such as:

  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Pharmacology
  • Maternal-Newborn
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatric
  • Test taking strategies
  • Practice exam.

The purpose of this course is to improve employability, enhance career skills, and attain personal enrichment through education. The course includes 80 hours of classroom instruction and 96 hours of clinical instruction under the direct supervision of clinical instructors in an acute and/or long-term care settings, primary preventive care, and leadership. This course may use simulation when it’s appropriate.


  • Assigned Readings
  • Online Lecture
  • Clinical Hospital Experience with Preceptor
  • Initial N-CLEX Diagnostic Test from Nclex.com
  • Repeat of Second Diagnostic Test by End of the Program with Nclex.com
  • Google Classroom App managed by DOXA Academy
  • Clinical Forms, Clinical Syllabus Book, Simulation Lab as part of the Clinical Section


  • Module Examinations Online
  • Nclex.com Diagnostic Score Should improve
  • Clinical Evaluation

The didactic portion of the course will be evaluated on the unit exam, which will be administered upon completion of each module. All module exams must be completed within 90 days of the student’s start date which begins when log in and password is received. The student(s) will be given two attempts to successfully pass each module exam. The student must achieve a passing score on each examination to pass the course. A one-time 30-day extension may be granted (new fee charged) if the student has not completed at the end of their 90 days. If the student does not complete after the 30 day one-time extension, they will be eligible to retake the course (new fee charged) one time only (no further extensions) at the next course offering date. The Clinical part experience is a grade on a pass/fail basis. All classroom materials must be completed prior to initiating the clinical rotation. The student must achieve a passing score on each of the unit exams and successfully complete the clinical component. If the student is unsuccessful he/she will not pass the course. The Clinical evaluation forms are completed by the Clinical instructor and the clinical site preceptor.


  1. Didactic Portion: Candidates are required to pass all the quizzes with 75% (Fundamentals, Women’s Health and Labor & Delivery, Mental Health, Medical-Surgical Nursing and Pediatrics, and Human Growth & Development)
  2. Clinical Portion: Pass/Fail

An unsatisfactory evaluation or dismissal from the clinical site will result in the student failing the course. There will be no further opportunity to retake this course with Doxa Academy.
Upon completion, the student should function as providers of care, coordinators of care, and members within the discipline of nursing as they:

  1. Integrate the nursing process as a framework for the coordination of care of clients and families. The student will be able to monitor the client and family, collect the data, form a nursing diagnosis, participate/contribute to the nursing plan of care with goals and outcome criteria.
  2. Apply organizational and interpersonal communication strategies in coordinating/managing the care of clients, families, and other healthcare workers. This includes effectively reporting and recording patient assessment information and plan of care and integrating teaching and learning strategies for client and family education.
  3. Integrate cultural, spiritual, psychological, and developmental influences when managing client care.
  4. Integrate the principals of pharmacology safely and competently when providing client care. This includes being knowledgeable of actions, side effects, doses, and precautions of commonly prescribed medications, as well as safe administration of oral, parenteral, and intravenous medications.
  5. Integrate the principles of safety when providing care to clients and families.
  6. Incorporate the principles of nutrition for maintaining optimal healthcare for clients and families.
  7. Value legal, ethical, and professional parameters when managing client care.

The student is expected to attend all web sessions and clinical hours. Students are expected to attend all clinical hours once assigned and attend the first 96 hours their preceptor is scheduled. In case of an emergency, it is the student’s responsibility to call the Program Coordinator. The student will arrange a make-up date with his/her preceptor.

If you have not completed your clinical experience, you will NOT pass the course. There will be no further opportunity to retake this course.
Once you have completed your clinical rotation and we receive your completed paperwork, we will issue your certificate of completion. If you are a remedial student, the Florida State Board of Nursing will be notified that you have completed the course. If you are seeking reactivation of your license or seeking endorsement from another state, the Board of Nursing will be notified of your course completion.

Additional Information:
Cost: The cost of tuition is $1500.00.

There are no additional costs for pre-enrollment requirements.
There is no financial aid for this training because it is a short course.
Length: 176 hours where 80 hours apply to the Lecture or Theory and 96 hours of Clinicals.

Location: No address

Applicants will be required to complete a Level 2 Background Check and Fingerprinting at a cost that ranges between $88-94. This service may be available at the information session. PN refresher students will also be required to show proof of TB testing completed within the past 12 months. Students need to provide CPR card and vaccination records in order to have access to the Clinicals.

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